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Brown Accounting Solutions, LLC
United States - Birmingham
Accounting, tax, and business consulting services for individuals, businesses, and independent contractors. We also provide virtual services for those needing our services in other states. You can trust that you will receive ethical and efficient service with us.

Why do people struggle with accounting?

Because they dont understand some of the concepts. A lot of people also do not like math, which is a fundamental part of accounting. Some people just do not have the patience to put everything in order like it needs to be, but it is a very important aspect.

What is most rewarding about being an accountant?

Helping others and seeing their faces afterwards. I love to take my knowledge and help others solve their problems. I want my clients to know they can depend on me. I also learning new things that come about in the Accounting industry.

What is the history of your accounting business?

Ive been providing several of the services I now provide since I was in high school. Even before college I was being led to accounting. I began preparing tax returns in high school. I decided to form my own accounting firm in 2010.

What risks are assosiated with a business that operates without an accountant?

There are major risks. You could be unknowingly committing fraud because youre not knowledgeable of accounting concepts related to operating a business. Accountants have knowledge for this. Let us help.

What is Financial Accounting?

Financial accounting deals with creation and financial ysis of financial statements for financial reporting. This helps a business see where they are financially. Ratios are also a part of this. It is also very helpful in creating budgets.

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Bill Gaviscon
Do i need to hire an accountant if I have started a business in the USA, we employ 3 staff and are just starting out.

JeFreda Brown
Hello. I would advise you to hire an Accountant. Accountants have knowledge and expertise that businesses need. You want to make sure things are always done right according to tax laws, payroll laws, laws in place in your city county state, etc. Many employers or business owners may unknowingly be committing fraud because they are not knowledgeable of some of the tax or payroll laws that are in place. Accountants are required to take CE hours each year to stay on top of changes, new laws, or to just refresh their knowledge. "Free Advertising Online"