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Beaute Amour
South Africa - Parkmore, Sandton
Beaute Amour is a new beauty spa that has opened in Parkmore, Sandton. We are a spa that offers you a service of excellence. Our spa is lead by 3 fully qualified Somatologists and also has an onsite Dental Practioner for treatments such as Teeth Whitening and botox/fillers. Our beautiful spa offers you treatments such as Spa manicures, Spa pedicures, variety of different s as well as body wraps,exquisite facials and many more treatments.

Whare is your most popular Salon service?

Currently our most popular service is our Laser hair removal.Our Laser machine not only removes hair but also does skin rejuvenation as well as spider vein removal. Laser has become a very popular treatment within the Beauty industry.

What is your business history?

Beaute Amour opened its doors on the 1st March 2013, it was opened by Michelle and Shaun Reddy based upon a dream as a couple. Michelle studied Somatology at Camelot Spa and recieved her 3 year Diploma in 2006, she worked in the Beauty Industry from then, until 2013 when she and her husband decided to venture into business.

Can you give tips for woman about staying young and healthy?

My personal advise for woman is to look after your skin while you are still young, have a routine in place that you will carry with you as you get older. Everybody must age, but only you can determine how good you will look as you age.

What questions do most women ask you?

The most common question asked is how can i get rid of these wrinkles , my answer is always the same, you can never get rid of the wrinkles - they are a part of the ageing process - you can however minimize the look and feel of them by taking great care in your facial routine,invest in a good moisturiser, day/night cream, exfoliator and a great mask.

Who is your target market?

We target woman between the ages of 28- 45 and men between the ages 30-50. We do however wish to target a much younger as well as a much older generation. With the younger generation we have the problems of acne e skin and with the older generation we have the problems of pigmentation as well as skin rejuvenation.

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Melanie Van Heerden
Can I ask a question regarding arm hair, if it gets waxed does it increase the chances of it growing back thicker?

Good Day

Thank you for your question.
In response to this i would like to say that no it doesnt increase the chance of it growing back thicker, in fact it has the opposite effect. With regards to waxing, the wax removes the hair with the follicle therefore as regrowth appears over time it becomes less thicker, unlike shaving which only cuts the hair, without removing the hair follicle,that is why hair grows back quicker and thicker when it has been shaved opposed to waxing.

I hope that i have been able to answer you question adequately. "Free Advertising Online"