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Bass Trap Acoustic Panels, Sound Panels
United States - Los Angeles
Bass Traps and Acoustic Panels are the essential to every Musician who records and/or mixes their music. The difference is astounding as to how much better your music sounds within your room and how much the clarity improves. A room without Proper Acoustic Treatment is like having a room with no equipment. Without Bass Traps and Acoustic Panels youll spend endless hours trying to compensate for room cancellations and amplifications of the sound within your rooms. Its amazing how much of a difference and its not a small difference that only musicians can hear its a complete renovation of the sound within your room when you have Bass Traps and Acoustic Panels installed.

What type of Musician are you?

Im a professional Guitar Teacher, Band Leader, Front Man, Guitar Player, Singer/Songwriter, and Record Label Owner, Business Owner of John Hunter Acoustics. I studied and received my BA in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts and currently run my Acoustics Business and Manage/Perform/Write songs for my band Hunter 99.

Who inspired you to perform?

Eddie Van Hallen first of all, second Jimi Hendrix. I remember the first time I heard a Van Halen song and It blew my mind. I said to myself I want to be able to play that Even though at the time it was far from my reach. So I set off on 6-8 hours of practice a day, every day for about 6 years obsessively. Then I discovered Jimi Hendrix later and spent an entire summer learning Voodoo Chile Slight Return when it was far beyond my abilities at that time.

Do you write all your own music?

Yes I write all original music for my band Hunter 99 which can be found on Facebook. Ive been writing songs since I started playing guitar when I was 12. I would listen to Rage Against The Machine, Van Halen, AC/DC and many other bands and would try to grab pieces of all those artist without copying them. Instead learning their skills and applying their techniques to develop my own style of guitar playing. Later when I was in Berklee College of Music I worked on my voice taking a few vocal courses. I would separate my studies in Music from my own style development and using some of the knowledge I gained from music study, while hardly ever paying attention to the rules of music and writing always from my ear, gut, and what Im feeling at the time.

Have you ever recorded an album?

Yes I have an album released on iTunes under Hunter 99 . Its an EP that was mixed by a mixing engineer that I went to College with and he has worked with Tower Of Power, mixed for American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, The Voice. My Business John Hunter Acoustics is how Ive been able to setup recording studios, setup my own house with the best acoustic panels available designed by myself and built by myself and my crew.

Where can the fans find you?

We have many videos on youtube that you can checkout for our band. Were also on Spotify, and many other internet radio stations. We play around the Los Angeles area.

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My Products / Services
Bass Traps and Acoustic Panels
We build, design, manufacture, and install our own Bass Traps and Acoustic Panels. We are a Los-Angeles based company that has been in business for nearly 6 years. We do installations within the Los-Angeles Area. Our products are designed to be the best designed and most effective products possible for the price range of our products. Our products working incredibly well because they are based on true science and physics. They have been developed by John Hunter through his knowledge gained through study of many Acoustics and Studio Design books and Materials. John Hunter is an acoustics expert and is the President of John Hunter Acoustics

Product Features
Business Owner's Profile
John Hunter
Im a Musician, Business Owner, Skilled with music instruments and skilled with power tools. I design install Bass Traps and Acoustic Panels in Recording Studios all over the Los Angeles Area and ship my panels throughout other areas of the US as well.

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