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Audiologist Northcliff
South Africa - Johannesburg, Northcliff
Kirsten McLeod Audiology is an independently owned Audiology Practice situated in the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg, Northcliff. The practice is based at the Northcliff Medical Centre which is comprised of numerous Health Care Professionals.

The aim of my practice is to ensure that I treat and help those with Audiological Needs with the utmost patience and care. I will ensure that they receive the best treatment, advise and options which are both suited to, and affordable for their individual needs.

For most, coming to terms with having a hearing loss is never easy and the majority of people wait on average, 5-7 years before seeking help. The longer one waits to see an Audiologist and take action, the more difficult it becomes to treat. I want to adapt this mindset and encourage individuals who are faced with this dilemma, to become proactive and seek help. I want them to realize the impact it will have on their overall quality of life, by improving their social, emotional, psychological and physical well being.

The services offered are: Comprehensive Hearing Assessments,
Screening Assessments,Hearing Aid Evaluations,Hearing Aid Trials and Fittings,Hearing Aid Repairs and Servicing, Fitting of Wireless Devices and FM systems and Custom Made Ear Protection.

How can a person lead a healthy lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is all about balance. People need to keep a good balance between their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. This will in turn lead to a better and fulfilled quality of life. Without a balance, people tend to burn out

What is your business history?

I opened up my business last year, September 2013. My business is still very new and hence why I am taking all measures to ensure that it is advertised in the best possible way.Being a business in the health industry, my aim is to help and care for those most in need

Do you have any product guarantees?

All Products fitted have a guarantee. Depending on what the product is, will determine how long the guarantee stands for but it is generally between 20 and 30 months with a 3 month repair guarantee. All hearing aids have a 30 month warranty, whereas accessories have a 20 month guarantee

What is your history in the industry?

I qualified in 2008 and went on to working in the Kimberley Government Hospital for a year. I have since worked at another Private Audiology Practice in Northcliff as well as a very well known and reputable Hearing Aid company called Oticon where I assisted other Audiologists in the Southern Africa

What kinds of jobs do you take on?

My biggest job is assisting and helping those with Audiological needs. My aim is to guide those who are faced with the challenge of not hearing well and make them realise the difference that hearing aids will make to their overall quality of life. I want them to take action and look after their hearing.

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Kirsten McLeod
I am a 28 year old Caucasian female born and raised in Bryanston Johannesburg. I am the youngest of four children and currently have 6 nieces and nephews. I am a friendly, loving, soft hearted soul who will always go the extra mile for someone I love.

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