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Artisan Multimedia - Creative Web Design
United States - Fayetteville, AR
One of the hallmarks of effective marketing is a well-planned and clear website. The way your site looks is key to creating a desire for your services or products. Imagine your website is a retail floor. If it is clean and well organized, your visitor will feel more confident they will find what they are looking for and spend time exploring. If not, most will leave your site in less than 10 seconds.

What are your responsibilities as a Engineer?

Primary concern is keeping the client happy by focusing on delivering the best possible ality and appeal to the appropriate target markets. Primary responsibilities include:
Programming, interface usability, and cross-platform performance, and overall quality control.

What skills do you have as an Engineer?

Website programming languages: PHP, HTML5, AJAX, , CSS, Flash, XML, and PERL.

Website design applications: all Adobe Creative Suite design software including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Audition, After Effects, and more...

Audio Engineering: over 10 years experience composing in multi-track sessions with massive wave files and a myriad of digital and og recording devices and instruments.

What is your businesses target market?

Creative advertising is the most effective way to keep your company products and services familiar in the minds of people in your target market. Our target market is any business who wants a consultative approach to branding their company imagery as a whole, including websites, radio ads, video, logo and letterhead. Good design gets peoples attention - especially when it is consistently presented.

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