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We are offering free advertising with a catch for any and all custom made products and services from around the globe. This site was made in 2009 and never got to fully blossom. It has now been recreated with a much bigger purpose (must see for yourself) Custom Made Directory is exclusive only to products and services that are indeed custom made. No frill, no mess and no charge ever, if you so desired. Passing us around is your blessing to us! Thank you

Can you write about any advertising techniques you use?

We have just completed the first stages of building two sites and are currently on the following social networks: FB, Etsy, Xing, Linkedin, Delicious, Twitter and working on Pinterest. We are just now beginning to really think about paid advertising, shooting for the Spring 2013. We love what we are doing and will learn from our clients and what they want.

Tell us about any good advertising strategies used?

In the past, door to door worked really well for me. I am blessed to be gainfully employed and so I picknhen in the evenings and on the weekend.

Have you studied anything in advertising?

Nothing like making direct contacts. Meet, greet and share. :)

Can you explain the idea of social media marketing?

In my opinion, social media marketing is your hang out places like facebook and twitter. Its making contacts and keeping the lines of communication open across the wave lines. If they like you, catch their appeal and are needed you will get around. Be good to your customers, you are their servant and they will and can leave @ anytime.

How has advertising changed over the past few years?

The door to door approach is fading out. Competition is on every corner and the dollars are tighter then a decade ago. And over the last several years... everything is click this, register that, point here and app that.

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