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Markets online, what are they and how do they affect you the consumer. Well its no secret that the internet has exploded over the past decade with over a 182 million websites worldwide. All this means is there is a big marketplace all across the world to sell your products and goods. We also need to remember that althought there are millions of websites , many of them dont have a large share of that traffic.

Trading goods online has grown extremely large and $60 billion worth of goods are traded on eBay yearly. We follow the slogan that people interested in selling goods and services online should join social networks, and participate in online forums. This may seem like hard work but so is starting your own corner shop.

The main benefit to online shopping is speed, consumers dont have to leave their homes and can order goods at the click of a button. Prices have also become more competetive with lower costs for manufacturers, this is due to lower distibution and transport costs also the overall competition online amoung websites.

Many business people choose to list on Amazon and eBay since the amount of unique visitors they receive daily is massive. We cant say for sure that people will do all their shopping online since many people enjoy walking around their local shopping mall, but the internet marketplace is just to good to miss out on.

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