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American Language Education
United States - New York
American Language Education is a program designed to teach English, Reading, Writing (Composition and Creative Writing) Test Prep and more to people of all ages seeking to advance their current knowledge of English, or to teach English to those with no prior knowledge of the language. We work with beginners, intermediates, professionals, students, and those interested in becoming more proficient in the study of the English language.
Our step by step method is proven successful. I have decades of teaching experience. I have taught people of all ages, from all countries, at all levels, with unparalleled success. Give us a try. We have flexible schedules and very affordable rates. You DO NOT NEED A TEXT BOOK! There are no extra fees and materials to purchase. Come prepared with a pen and paper, a mind willing to learn, and an eagerness for success, and I will do the rest.

What skills are in demand worldwide?

American English Language Proficiency is the single most important skill in business and travel. World wide the American English language has become the most spoken language. Every student I have ever taught has needed to be more proficient in English, for their job, education, or simply personal desire. Tourism in America is growing, and the demand for fluency in American English is greater now than ever before. Learn with me. I will work at your pace, in a relaxed atmosphere and with a, truly, enjoyable and easy format.

Any advice for somebody wanting to study?

Patience is key when learning a new language. Dont expect too much of yourself too fast. With time and dedication you can achieve the level of proficiency you desire. I will help you from start to finish. Grammar, sentence structure. vocabulary, spelling, unciation, daily reading and listening is how I work. I use a variety of tools and methods and you WILL learn!

Do you need a degree in your field?

I have several degrees in Education. BA English, MSE Curriculum and Teaching, M.Ed., and I have several teaching certifications. For over 2 decades, I have tutored students from ages 3-93. I did not graduate high school. I received my GED and went on to teach a variety of subjects to a myriad of students. I know how to teach all types of learners and I know how to make it fun and interesting. Lets face it if your not enjoying it, your not getting it.

Is this recognized worldwide or locally, if so with who?

Speaking American English is a worldwide study. I have taught language courses to visiting students, parents, business people and more. I have been effective in educating even the most reluctant, shy and apprehensive students. I will put you at ease. My relaxed methods are casual, and I offer group or individual lessons. You are free to choose one-to-one teaching or you may join a group. If you feel you are more comfortable in a one-to-one setting and then wish to join a group, we will accommodate your needs and desires.

What options are available to students?

I offer basic, intermediate and advanced lessons. I offer group or individual sessions. I offer flexible hours and very reasonable rates. You can choose hourly programs, weekly programs, or long term programs. I will make your learning experience fruitful and exciting. I know how, and I love what I do.

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AnnaMaria DellaChiesa
I did not graduate high school. In fact, I hated school! I never dreamed I would, some day, become an educator and experience the level of success I have achieved. I never thought I would, some day, obtained my own degrees, and I never imagined I could have an impact on anothers intellectual ability; yet, here I am, an educator with multiple degrees, who is an award winning teacher, (Whos Who Among American Educators) and loving every minute of it!

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How many students are in a group classroom?

AnnaMaria DellaChiesa
Hi Ann:

Thank you for your inquiry. I keep my group classes small. The largest group has 5 students.
I was looking at your advert and wanted to know if you had a cap on the number of people in the class? "Free Advertising Online"