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Amazing Ghost Tour Corza Putter is Coming !!!
United States - Washington
Wholesale Ghost Tour Corza Putter with a new richer more duarable white finish that complements the white color of the ball, and also stands out easily and beautifully against green grass so you dont have to strain to see the topline.

The three black lines on the crown lend further alignment support. The two outer lines are spaced as far apart as the width of a golf ball. Position the ball between those lines when you address your putt youll be amazed at how easy it is to tell where the face is aiming. The Titallium-alloy PureRoll insert delivers a crisp feel and promotes a smooth accurate roll.

Advantages of wholesale Ghost Tour Corza Putter for sale

More durable white finish gets rid of unwanted glare
White on green contrast with turf makes aiming simple
Large mallet shape has great feel and greater stability on miss hits
Pure Roll insert promotes forward roll for accuracy and softer feeling face
Three alignment lines aid in alignment and provide a clean yet simple look

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