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Ajgove Medical
South Africa - Randburg
Kangmei Slimming Capsules contain a pure concentrated form of Green Tea extract, which has been proven to increase your weight loss by speeding up the metabolism and burning fat, naturally, safely and without harmful side-effects.

100% Natural
No drastic diet plan
Suppresses appetite
Burns body fat
Enhance metabolism
For men & women
No harmful side-effects
Detox your body

There are no harmful side effects at all, as it is made from natural herbs. All you need to do is drink 1 capsule, 10 to 15 min before your breakfast once a day. Allow 1 to 2 hrs before you drink any other pills (ie - vitamins etc).

Almost anyone can use Kangmei. If you are a diabetic or if you have thyroid problems you may also use the capsule, but be sure to have it an hour and a half after you have had your medication.

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Ajgove Medical is an influential company in the health care market. Founded by Anthony Govender in 2009, Ajgove Medical was established to directly assist people and practices with their medical supplies and equipment needs. We are an equal opportunity company and BEE compliant, specializing in providing the latest and greatest products and services that will benefit the health care sector. Ajgove Medical does extensive research on new and forthcoming medical equipment and supplies. We handle your procurement so you the customer can continue doing what you do best, developing and improving your health! Our extensive healthcare partnerships with multiple companies nationally and abroad, position us to get the right products, in the hands of you the practical end user.

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Online Shopping. Onsite Biometric Testing. Emergency Medical Training.

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