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We have put together some interesting advertising facts and statistics for you to check out. It should help you understand the advertising industry and how the numbers relate to your business. Keep in mind that Advertising is a 130 billion dollar a year industry.

The Average Joe

The average american consumer is exposed to over 2000 advertising slogans and messages per day, according to the Nielsen Report the average American home had the TV
set on for about seven hours a day and only watches 4.5 hours [This may seem pretty scary but its probably about right]

We have seen that the accepted estimates are 245 ad exposures daily, 108 from TV, 34 radio and 112 print. For example. You wake up and check the news and hear and see various forms of advertising, you get in your car and see billboards on the way to work, you hear ads on your local radio station and before you read your proper mail you three types of spam based email ads. Dont forget online display Advertising on websites has grown by 30 Percent in 2010.

Advertising Online is growing

The top sites in the world like facebook, ebay and various microsoft websites are showing you the most ads daily, this is no surprise since online advertising seems to follow the general market trends of website popularity and usage.

A huge portion of Google revenue comes from its online advertising products. Nice to know since i thought google was in the business or search results)

The amount of money spent on advertising in the early 90s was between 30 and 40 million per year, by the late 90s this climbed to around 600 million dollars and then we saw the .com bubble burst and so did the online advertising industry however it continued to grow yearly and is now worth around $ 25 billion anually.

Us newspaper advertising has fallen 10% in 2010 with online advertising becoming more popular, this may be due to costs per ad being far higher in print than online.

Mobile advertising has continued to grow on other mobile devices, since more people are using online services on the move this should result in more publishers moving to the small screen.

The Bottom line is we cant get rid of advertising , it seems to evolve and follow us around every corner. Embrace advertising it may be annoying when your the consumer but comes in handy when you need its magic.

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