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5 reasons why you need Google
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So, 10 reasons why you need Google? I compare the invention of Google to the invention of the wheel since they both take us somewhere. Google however does it slightly faster than our primitive wheel.

Reason 1. Top Search Results.

Google prides itself on offering top quality search engine results, I dont think I can say the same for the other search engines, many others barely know whats inside any given website since they often use the website name as the answer.

Reason 2. The free tools

Google has various tools for webmasters and small business owners.

Google Places: This is a free local platform from Google that allows business advertising.

Google An@lytics: A very useful and free tool for webmasters to see who is searching for them and get great reports about website traffic.

Google Webmasters: Check your website setting and stats, change your target country and view how Google sees your website.

Reason 3. Google Earth and Maps

Google maps allows you to find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions. Google earth allows you to fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain.

Reason 4. Google actually crawls websites

Some search engines are very lazy, but Google Bot is not, it knows what almost every website contains, how many pages are inside, what content is available and how relevant your website actually is to potential customers it may send you.

Reason 5. Google Adwords

Google allows advertisers to get much higher search engine results by bidding on keywords across the network, the process sounds tricky but it is actually easy to use and very effective.

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