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Advertising ideas for your business. Where can you find quality advertising ideas for your small business? advertising is expensive so what ideas can you explore to promote your business so people visit your website.

Idea 1. post your business here

Our website is the best free advertising idea! you can post a business ad and market your products and services. It good free advertising for small business owners and commercial business people. You ad is kept online and people browse it for months to come.

Idea 2. Start a blog

Blogging is a good way to give your website and business a good platform to voice your opinions, scatter your ideas or even make connections with other people who need your services. Youll be suprised how many people have very popular blogs that get thousands of visitors.

Idea 3. Start a twitter account

Seople have thousands of followers who listen to their every word. Twitter seems to be alot more about business these days then about following celebs.

Idea 4. Make friends with your local search engine.

Getting to know the rules and best practices for google and yahoo, this includes understanding how they think [or at least attempting to]. Google can send you traffic in high volumes on the condition you have a valuable website with good content.

Idea 5. Link your site around

Post your website link on blogs and forums, but dont post on every single topic you can find, post where it makes sence to post. The better the website your posting on, the better value youll receive from google, bad site can remove value from your website rank.

Idea 6. Word of mouth advertising

Advertising is all about offering something to your clients, if you offer something worthwhile, people will visit your website , speak to their friends and buy your products over and over again.

Idea 7. Be idea should be flexible

Markets change and you have to adapt to the current demands in your chosen sector. Technology changes, ideas may shift but the core properties of your product should be good enough to weather the storm.

Idea 8. Get flyers printed

This may seem silly, but every customer that you reach could potentially bring two more with them [ever heard of compound advertising] .

Idea 9. Tweak your website content

Dont be afraid to change your website look, upload fresh pictures and most importantly update the websites content. Search engines are always scanning the world wide web to index new content [trust me they visit your site more often then you think].

Idea 10. Start a facebook group

If you have alot of friends on facebook. Create some group dedicated to your website idea. Ask your friends to join it and send it around. Facebook is the number 1 website in the world so its probably the best place to spread your business offerings.


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