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Terms And Safety Conditions
By using this website, you agree to our terms and any conditions on this page
By publishing any advert you abide and agree to our terms and conditions. You must follow and abide by the rules. These rules are there to protect you the consumer and the website from dangers. We are not held responsible for any loss of income you incurred by anybody using the site directly or indirectly or through a third party source. We also cannot guarantee your advert will be accepted online. You are a free entity however you need to be aware of scams that may take place if you give out details to a potential hacker, criminal or harmful process. We do not take responsibily for any persons using or viewing your details. Please be carefull with anyone wishing to have your credit card details, this site is free so do not respond to any requests for sensetive details.
By Posting you understand your advert could be removed!
You are solely responsible for all content and information that you submit to Boostasite and any consequences that may result from your post.
We reserve the right at our discretion to refuse or remove content that we believe is inappropriate or breaching the any terms on this page.

We reserve the right to remove any ads that promote spam, affiliate marketing, or illegal practice, of Get Rich Quick ads.
We do not allow Gamling, liquor, or Firearms advertising.
We are not held responsible for any loss of income.
We are not held responsible time you put into posting your advert that was later removed.
Any advertiser can have their advert removed for any reason from Boostasite.
Since this is a free service, you are not entitled to any support from the website.
Any User can be banned that behaves suspiciously on our site.

Any ads may be removed for the if they:

Violate any laws.
Violate any rules on this page.
Promote abusive, defamatory, indecent material.
Distribute viruses.
Copy, or distribute any other persons content or if your advert was reported to us as doing so.
Harvest or collect information about users, including email addresses / contact information.
Sell any counterfeit items or infringe the copyright, trademark of others.
Some examples of adverts that get removed
Reason 1: You Posted multiple adverts
Reason 2: Your advert is too short. Please post 30 lines minimum per advert.
Reason 3: Your advert resembles a scam or was reported as a type of scam.
Reason 4: Your advert contains spam or copyright material or content. We dont allow certain get rich quick ads or similar affiliate promotions.
Reason 5: You copied data / information from another website including your own, so your advert content was not original.
Reason 6: You have violated any Google Program Policies / Webmaster Guidelines.
Information you submit is public!!
Any products, contact details, images, description, company names, website URLs are shown on the website, so be cautious with the details you show. We also reserve the right to delete or hide anything we deem a threat to the general ideas of the WebSite. If you have such a thing happen please feel free to contact us for an explanation. If you are contacted by a potential threat or person using our messaging service, please contact us with any details so we can help.
Site abuse
We will remove any ads we feel are abusive of the website. This includes people posting multiple similar sounding ads with free email addresses. We may remove your advert if it contains one line of text and no proper content. We are trying to build a valuable website and not just a collection of website links. Publish adverts of at least 3 lines. We reserve the right to remove any other ads we see as abusive or scam like practice.
Be Carefull for Scams
We cannot screen all adverts so this places a greater responsibility on our users to uphold the ethics and legal business practices. Please be carefull if you are contacted through the website by anyone who may be running any kind of scam, DO NOT GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS OUT WITHIN THIS WEBSITE TO ANYONE. We cannot be help responsible for any loss of income you may receive due to the advertising or advertisers on this site. We do however need you to alert us when you feel something is strange or irregular within the website.

Be wary of the following types of scams across the internet:

Non-delivery of merchandise or non-payment for items sold
Identity theft
Miscellaneous types of fraud
Spam, and Credit card fishing scams

** Please report any scams you find on this site, so we can prevent any further people from being hit.

Pornographic/ Copyright / Illegal material
You may not place any illegal / Copyright/ or pornographic material and please report any adverts to us that you may find offensive. is mearly a directory created for users by users and we also cannot be held responsible for any copyright material is place on the web-site however we do our best to uphold the rules of law for international and business ethics and will remove any suspicious or potential illegal practices from the web-site. We cannot screen all adverts so this places a greater responsibility on our users to uphold ethics and legal business practice.
Advertising / Google Adsense
We reserve the right to place Google Ads on your business page, you will not receive compensation for any clicks, the payments are used to pay for and otherwise fund this website and its upkeep.
Changes to any rules
We reserve the right to change any terms if it is appropriate to the general Website Finally we can modify this agreement at any time, and it is your responsibility to inquire as to whether any changes have been made to this agreement by reviewing our terms on a regular basis.
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