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Questions and Answers about our Website
What is the purpose of this Site?
We provide free advertising space for any business, company or web-site to advertise themselves. We are a free site and it will cost you nothing to join and advertise your business and services. We wanted to start something different since most Advertising is expensive, we decided to give users choice not costs.
Is my data safe?
Any products, contact details, descriptions, company names and website URLs are shown on the website, so be cautious with the details you show.
What about Costs?
Its Free to use this advertising service.
How can i create my advert?
Create Free Advert here
Why is my advert being removed?
Reason 1: You Posted multiple adverts with similar sounding email address. Usually Gmail accounts. Please delete your old advert first then post again with that Email Address. We do allow adverts using free emails however its better to use a personal or business email address.
Reason 2: Your advert is too short. We dont like posts that have no relevant data for out website users to read. Please post 3 lines minimum per advert.
Reason 3: Your advert resembles a scam. We remove certain types of offerings we see as strange. If yours was removed wrongfully for such a reason please contact us and explain your reasons.
Reason 4: Your advert promotes spam. We dont allow certain get rich quick ads or strange promotions. If yours was removed wrongfully for such a reason please contact us and explain your reasons.
Reason 5: Your advert had a complaint. No illegal or copyright adverts are allowed. If yours was removed wrongfully for such a reason please contact us and explain your reasons.
Reason 6: You copied data / information from another website, so your ad was not original.
Get Rich Quick, work from home ads are sometimes removed if we have too many !
When i try create my Advert, i get errors?
Your advert will publish if you enter a valid email addresses and all relevant fields must be entered. Make sure your WebSite URL is stated as or leave it blank if you dont have one. Also your browser must support cookies to use this site. Remember: You can create one Advert per email address.
Where is my advert found on the Site?
There 3 ways we show your adverts free.
1. You will Appear under 3 chosen occupations. eg. Graphic Artists
2. You will Appear in the search directory under various Search terms.
3. You will Appear on the HomePage as soon as you create your adverts. These are the Newest Published Adverts.
Why are there Google Ads?
We reserve the right to place Google Ads on your business page, you will not receive compensation for any clicks, the payments are used to pay for and otherwise fund this website and its upkeep.
Can i create more than one advert?
Yes but it is much better to login to your account and boost your ad back to the home page, this is also free of charge.
I created my advert, so when will i appear on the home-page?
If you already have a account / ad posted, you can boost your site back to the home page for free using your account settings.
I cant login to the website!
There may be a few issues here! The most basic fix is to make sure your password is correct, click "Forgot my password" on the Login page. Otherwise click contact Us and well help you find the probem asap.
Forgot Password
I cant add images?
The images we accept must have extention .gif or .jpeg, we dont take accept anything else. We also only allow images to be 200 kilobytes in size. If you need further help click contact Us so we can help you further.
What is my Advert View Count?
This just shows how many people clicked your advert. It is important to note that clicking your own advert will not increase your place on the web-site. The site is fair and random. We also dont place adverts based on company or business size. Read below for 3 valuable tips that work well on the Site!!
How do the Messages work?
Any Registered or non-registered user can see you advert and business page, however they cant edit or change anything all they can do is send you a message. If someone does send you a message, the system will email you and you need to login to your account to view it.
How can i get my advert to the top of the category im listed under?
You need to login with your email and Password we sent you and click [Boost back to home page]. This will take you to the top of any categories your listed in. Most sites charge for this feature but we dont and wanna reward you for putting more effort into your advertising with us.
Got other questions? Contact Us
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