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steel and welding artist
South Africa - kensington
We create artworks on a futuristic platform,incorporating all steel types and welding techniques. All our work is robotic and technology related.we also do other genres of futuristic art.

We cater for the film industry as well as the music and entertainment industry.we are the best in the field. No doubt.

What type of artist are you?

I am a new age sculptor,using steel,welding and technological products as my medium.i fuse all forms of steel and steelwork concepts,with welding as a conduit and spice up the final product,by adding new age technology gadgets to add a sense of reality.

What forms of art do you specialize in?

we try to keep it futuristic.but,if a request comes in for something other than that we will cater for that need.i did at one stage veer off into a retro age of steel art mixing old with new but found it soon to become quite kitsch. futuristic art.

Is art a passion or a Job?

Art is definitely a becomes a job when you lose your love for your work and are not willing to keep your work is about passion,feeling,emotion,expression and art is about heart.a job is something that everybody hates,will hate and does

Can you tell us about your favourite famous artist

My favorite famous artist would definitely be Salvador dali,the surrealist.his work was way ahead of its time which relates alot to the way i portray my work.his sense of strangeness weird ism,and relating the real to the unreal fascinates me so much

Can you explain the term artist vs poet?

In every sense an artist is a poet and a poet is an artist.the only difference between the 2 is the medium used to produce their artist itself would use a pen,paint or clay,and draw,paint or sculpt their work,whereas a poet would use a pen,pencil or their mouth to express their work.

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ray schultz,2nchi
i am aprofessional at what i do.i am an artist.i am an artisan.
i take pride in my work,and my clients come first.i strive for excellence and a quality product every time.i love what i do and wont stop doing it.i will do this for the rest of my is everything\.

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