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We travel to every city and community to get the WORD OUT about ANTI-BULLYING TEEN ROUGH-ING and this is the number (1) one rage in the society. Invite us to come to your city or community so we all can come together as Unity bringing in connection with different organizations, schools, programs, and business in your area to provide for the people. We help you as you help us. We leave our footprint to bring Unity in the community and to bring that connection of change in the atmosphere to new beginning.

This is how it works, it is a (1) one day event, you invite us to your city or community, and we get with your community several days before the event we find several schools, programs, business, organizations, etc. in your area and get things set in order so everything will be available for the people before the event and after the event. Some people dont know what is available in their community or who do they go to, until people come out and branch together as a team. Then, they will see us as that picture that turns into reality, saying Let us work together because we are concern for the children.

Our TEEN have some unresolved anger issues in their life and they are using their Mouth (teasing, gossiping, spitting, hollering, screaming), Hands (hitting, slapping, pinching, pulling, grabbing, stabbing, anonymous text), Feet (kicking, stomping), and Body weight (seating, pushing) to get our ATTENTION.

What skills must you have as a Lecturer?

Social skill is any skill facilitating interaction and communication with others. Social rules and relations are created, communicated, and changed in verbal and nonverbal ways. To encourage, self motivation, to build up self esteem, to strengthen them with positive words, to educate, to bring people together, teamwork, to teach them how to use positive communication, to build up confidence, and to set goals, leadership, time management.

Can you write about your training?

Yes. This is simply the most comprehensive anger, conflict and bullying (Info) courses for teens on the market.
It is based on a well researched model that addresses emotional intelligence. Communications skills, styles of managing conflict, Negotiation, stress management and resiliency (the ability to recovered from).

Are there any courses in your field?

Yes, we offered training courses. We have an Anti-Bullying Teen Rough-Ing program with creative activities for the parents and students to do together to bring a connection to them with education learning. There are several education projects where parents and students can enjoyed learning more about their identity and curriculum development. We have students to express their selves through talents, plays (skit), and entertainment. This will build their self esteem, it will teach them teamwork and how to use positive communication, etc.

What is your business history?

I was a Professional Pastries Chef for (5) five years God had touched my heart in September of the year 2013 and have me to give correct information on bullying to the people. NAMA National Anger Management Associations, Trainer-Specialist Anger Management, ARK Facilitator, Event Planner & Coordinator PR, Entertainment, PR, etc.

What tips do you have for students?

What is Bullying? Rumors, Teasing, Name Calling, Gossiping, Anonymous Texts. Rumors: Are false information.
Teasing: Name Calling, Anonymous Texts. Teasing starts at home, example: boy your head is so big or girl your ear so wide, etc. Name Calling starts at home, example: boy you stupid like your dad or girl you are dumb like your brother, etc.

And OUR kids take it to school, they think its okay but it is not. Kids hang out with the wrong crowd
and tend to acted like them with their negative ways.

Gossiping: Truth and untruth information mixed together that people spread to others. Example: Tom told Joe that he and his girlfriend are having problems. Joe tell Craig,
Craig tell Sally, Sally tell Kim that Tom is Having fights in their relationship.

What is Cyber Bullying? Electronic Communications with Slander, Threats, Assault, Anonymous Texts, etc.

Suicidal is a thought pattern before it commits The crime.

What is NOT Bullying? Because people name bullying for every crime and that is incorrect: Damage Property, Threats, Stealing, Physical Attacks, Verbal Attacks, Assault, two (2) or more people that beats up another kid(s) is a group of
people that forms a gang NOT BULLYING, Organized Crime, Stalking, Aggressive Behavior, etc.

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