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We help you with credit repair and tradelines
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We help fix your credit
We do credit repair
Shelf Corporations
build business and personal credit within 4 to 8 weeks. Your results are guaranteed or your money back.

We are the fixit team that makes it possible for you to achieve your goals and desires

What Finance News should everyone know about?

valuation of our currency. We need to understand why the cost of living is rising and why we have to pay more for our products and services

What mistake do people make when it comes to finance?

overspending. They are so desperate to buy something however only when it is too late do something about it and then they need people like us to fix their problems

Can you offer any investment advice?


invest if you can afford and only within your means in areas of alternative energy etc.

Can you get finance with bad credit?

it is alot more difficult than with good credit. It makes people trust you less that you know how to manage money

Explain your fees and payment structure?

we have upfront fees. You pay full price and can pay if approved by paypal in installments

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tradelines credit building packages
We enable you to become credit worthy not within 12 to 14 months but rather within 1 to 2 months. Of course it has its price but it has helped thousands of others with their credit issues. Its up to you. If you have the need for speed we can help you along that path. In our case as opposed to a secured credit card you wont be blocking any amount of money to be able to have reporting done

Product Features
Credit Repair
We help you clean up your reports and make you creditworthy in as little as 4 to 8 weeks. Maximum time could be in worst case scenario 6 months. We analyze your reports and show you why you are not credit worthy to be able to get any kind of a loan. Once we agreed on a way forward together we make a plan of action and take that path

Product Features
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