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The new Innovative cargo rack The Slide Rack
United States - Los Angeles
Top Dollar Technologies introduces the Slide Rack, a patented ergonomically designed van rack that allows for the transport of materials on the side of a vehicle. The design requires no drilling and reduces everyday stresses that the average blue collar worker is involved with. The Slide Rack fits all Chevrolet, Dodge, GM, and Ford cargo vans up to the present 2014 models while also being compatible with many existing roof and ladder racks. The Slide Rack has six years of field testing and enables fast and secure loading and unloading, and will help free up any cargo space with a vehicle. All Slide Racks are made of steel and can hold up to 550 pounds of loaded materials that can consist of drywall, entry doors, lumber, ladders, piping, carpet, mattresses and box springs, shelving, counter tops, fencing, etc. The company also has developed the Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, and Dodge ProMaster Slide Rack models. The Slide Rack also comes with a ladder rack attachment. By following the safety requirements users can haul materials on the highway or wherever needed to get to and from a job site.

Why should people choose you?

The Slide Rack is unlike anything on the market. Its specifically designed for contracting/remodeling companies and DIYs. We provide the option of providing a demonstration to anyone interested in purchasing our product.

How has your business grown over the last 3 Years?

Our company was founded in 2014 and we have already penetrated the established market with this exciting new way to transport building materials.

Do you have advice about starting a business?

Make sure you have enough capital to support you and a family if you have one because starting a business requires a lot of time and attention to develop success.

Who are you targeting?

We are targeting dry wall companies, contracting/renovation companies, and DIYs.

Do you have any customer reviews?

We have a few customer reviews on our Facebook page and some testimonials on our website.

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Slide Rack
The Slide Rack is a brand new cargo rack. We have a model for cargo vans and a pick up truck model coming soon. The Rack can haul multiple types of materials on the side of the vehicle without having to cram materials in the back of your vehicle. The rack doesnt require any ratchet straps but can be used when extra security is needed. The Rack requires no drilling attaches to the roof rails of the vehicle and can haul up to 500lbs of materials. For more information visit

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