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My company is offering an excellent deal to help small to medium sized businesses get off and running with social media setups. It is proven that businesses who engage in social media have much more success long-term, and the cost to get started is fractional! My team is successful in creating attractive pages that your potential clients will just love. Please contact me today - just this week, I am able to offer outstanding deals, over 60% off!

What inspired your internet business idea?

I began my marketing business because I became a small business owner with no budget and discovered how necessary it was to have social media connections. I also discovered how much time and effort it takes to learn social media, so I decided I wanted to serve communities worldwide in their efforts.

How much traffic do you get to your site daily?

Between my social media sites and my website, I average about 400-500 clicks per day. I have mastered the art of advertising without advertising, that is, getting likes on Facebook and spreading the news about what we do to serve the community with our sites.

What is your primary product or online service?

The primary service is building social media sites for small to medium sized businesses. We also offer website building services, SEO profiles, Facebook advertisements, blog setups, employment searches, scheduling service setup, and many more items that are necessities for businesses.

What tech news gets you excited lately?

I am extremely excited about the new social media networks. I have seen my own small businesses grow exponentially, and reaching out to new groups of people is exciting. I also like the new graph searches that Facebook allows to reach out to more target individuals.

What is your target market?

Our target market is small to medium sized businesses who have no or little exposure in social media. They may even have a page but have only 200 likes. We want to boost their business by bringing people organically to them. Our passion is to save small businesses who are struggling to keep their doors open as they spend ridiculous funds advertising in traditional ways.

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