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Science Fiction Author
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Science Fiction Author - Want to Know a Secret? is the title of a full length science fiction novel about espionage on the planets of Bazor and Earth. A young woman named Lisa becomes the focal point of two agents from the planet Bazor. Both are looking for the same module, but only Lisa has the key to its hidden location. In a strange turn of events, both agents end up at Lisas house and she is taken to Bazor to have the module removed from its hiding place.

Can you recommend any other books to our website?

I have another full length science fiction novel that is in process of being published called "Black Seven". This is a story about a dangerous machine that was buried on Earth centuries ago with the potential to destroy the planet. As far as recommending other works from authors, there are so many wonderful novels, old and new, out there that I wouldnt know where to begin.

Who is your all time favourite author?

Hannah Howell is my favorite author. Her highland series books are an inspiration to me as a writer. The characters in her books are alive and when in danger are very courageous as well. She has greatly influenced the fluidity with whch my story flows.

What is the last book you read? And whats is about?

The last book I read is called "Wild Conquest" by Hannah Howell and is about a young woman who is sold into servitude by her family in the time before the war for independence from Britain. She travels to the wilds of the frontier of the time with her new master and encounters hardships and dangerous situations.

Can you tell us about your favourite best selling books?

My favorite best selling books to read are about historical fictions that deal with the 1800s and before. I love books about ancient England, Scotland, Ireland, and other countries across Europe and Asia. Most of the plots revolve around fictitious characters who have a small part in the history of their region.

Describe your books goal?

The goal of "Want to Know a Secret?" is to save the Water Gatherer on Bazor a device that accumulates their water supply for the domed city that it services. However, the general goal of the book is to provide entertainment in such a way that the reader wants to read the other two books of the trilogy, Guardian of Secrets and Verrias Gift.

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Deb CarverOwens
I am an author of science fiction novels and have had a background in secretarial training and experience. I also have a vivid imagination which helps in the writing of these novels. People could say Im a dreamer except for the faith I have in the Lord to see me through any trials I may have and to help me in my daily walk through this life.

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