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Red Elephant Boutique
United States - Tuscaloosa
Red Elephant Boutique offers the latest in fashion trends from new and up an coming fashion designers. We have Everyday Sales and Deals with a Flash Sale every Wednesday Night, and we send out email reminders to let you know what sales are going on! New items are added daily to inventory, with so many cute things to offer!

What is your best selling product?

Are Cleo Necklace! Its a tassel necklace which is the newest thing to take off in the fashion world. The Cleo Necklace is a very cute piece, you can dress it up for a night out on the town or keep it cute and casual for a great day at work or out with friends.

Do you offer any kinds of guarantees?

The best quality in jewelry, that you wont be disappointed in your selections. We offer money back guarantees just in case you are not satisfied with your purchase, but we have had many satisfied customers that have not been disappointed in there selections.

How did you actually start this business?

A friend of mine referred me to a website to setup my on boutique, which is something Ive always had an interest in doing. And she sent me over to the website where I got everything setup and got my boutique up and running, and weve been going every sense.

Who is your target market?

Mainly to all women there is no set age for the items we carry. We offer so many different items and styles that there is something to offer to everyone of any age. We try to offer different styles to reach out to every age group out there. Everybody loves a great piece of jewelry.

How have customers responded to your products?

We have had a great response from all our customers, they love that we have so many styles and that we add lots of new things daily to inventory. Weve had customers refere there family and friends to us. We say the more happy customers the better, the more happy customers shopping means a great day for us!

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Sarah Turnipseed
My Name is Sarah Turnipseed, and I have Red Elephant Boutique! Im from a small town but yet laid back and classy kinda of girl. I have a wonderful husband who loves me very much, and the fact that Im in town watching football on Saturdays and working on trucks with him!

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