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Private Personal Training
South Africa - Randburg
Professional, Private Personal Training in your own home!
1st Session FREE!

Our services include:
- Bootcamps
- Group Classes
- Nutrition & Supplementation
- Sports
- Branded Gym Merchandise

Forefront Fitness, Putting the PERSONAL back in Personal Training.

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What Fitness plan would you recommend?

High intensity workouts yield the best results, but our programs are tailor made to suit every individual and their respective goals.
Every client is different, if they have injuries, we work those injuries into the program with various stretches and rehab for the problem areas.

What do people have to do to become healthy?

Diet, exercise.
But mainly, change their mind set into the understanding that being healthy is a lifestyle choice and not a trend that fades away. Its a marathon, not a sprint.
Often its the small things that hinder a healthy lifestyle. eg. consumption, never taking the stairs etc

What is your history in the industry?

I have excelled in many sports and training categories, giving me a wide range of training knowledge. Football, athletics, tri athlons, crossfit etc.
I have also been training clients for 3 years now, as well as various bootcamps, training clinics and wellness talks.

Can you tell us about targeting specific muscle groups?

Its all about time under tension.
Lengthening and contracting the muscle.
Its not about how many reps you do or how heavy the weight is, but how well you do those reps. Technique is VERY important in isolating muscle groups, as well as preventing injury.

Can you help a client loose weight fast, if so how?

Meal frequency and size. Eating 6 small meals a day. With addequate amounts of proteins, fats and carbs.
Cutting out unnatural sugars and empty carbs.
I would learn towards HIIT (high intensity interval training) to speed up the fat burning process and speed up the heart rate.

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