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Optimization and Security for Windows
United States - Four Corners
Azmeric Studios of the western slope of Colorado is offering over the phone, online, and on-site services for system and network optimization, education, security, installation and integration for any and all business types and situations. We also provide discount services in Open Source hardware and software solutions (as well as Windows and Macinosh) for automation and efficiency of utilities such as sprinkler systems, garage doors, customized computing, utility monitoring and management, and security technology ranging from mal-ware and virus protection to high definition camera systems with multiple lens frequencies and motion detection.

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What is computer security software?

Software that should appropriately and discreetly protect your computer. It must be daily updated by a trusted service and not slow down the normal usability of the overall system what-so-ever. Of course having the proper tools one can utilize the operating system itself to be closed from any such negative effects. Either pay a subscription to stay in a relatively healthy balance, or pay someone once to keep your computer running without virus or mal-ware for a decade.

How safe is the average persons computer?

Depending on the Operating System the security of the computer will be most effected. Older operating systems operate in a strange limbo. Some offer adequate security and others do not. Some exist without needing addition support, but those types are still flawed in that technology is constantly escalating.

What should I do if my computer gets attacked?

Contact a known professional and seek advice. If you do not know anyone versed in breeches of security, then attempt to seek advice from a known service provider of security. The best bet is to have someone that knows your system and network that can appropriately assess the situation and ascertain the proper fix. Although, having a professional appropriately setup your computer and teach you proper browsing techniques will keep your computer clean and free of attacks

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Evan Allen
I am a technology hobbyist who has had too much time to tinker with computers. Myself and my colleagues in advanced computer engineering decided to form a small business using our vast knowledge of technology, and software. We have been techo-philes for ... god knows how long... and know we hope to share our experience and knowledge as an affordable service to residents of the four corners area, and the states that make them.

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