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New Sci-Fi Trilogy
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The Maxis Novel series has just become a trilogy with the long awaited third installment, Maxis: Invasion! Read all three and delve deep into the massive world of the first extra-solar colony of the planet Earth, Maxis. Follow General Jeffrey Blades as he is called upon to help save the young civilization from threats both at home and elsewhere in this extraordinary system.

Can you recommend any other books to our website?

Foundation Foundation and Empire Second Foundation by Isaac Asimov

Who is your all time favourite author?

Isaac Asimov

What is the last book you read? And whats is about?

Maxis: Invasion is the sequel to The Spires . After inadvertently activating the alien network on their own world, the citizens of Maxis have to contend with an alien race that the network has led back to them.

Can you tell us about your favourite best selling books?

The Asimov Foundation series, originally published back in the fifties were pioneering novels that were more far reaching than most people realize. If fans of Star Wars would read these books they would soon realize that most of the sci-fi concepts in Star Wars were taken directly from Asimovs seminal works.

Describe your books goal?

To entertain and inspire future space-o-holics..

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Maxis Invasion
The citizens of Maxis have unleashed a terrible force upon their world. The alien race known as the Vog has arrived in force determined to punish what they view as the heresy of the Maxis people for desecrating the holy temple. That temple is Maxis itself and the Vog are commanded by their God to eradicate the human infestation. General Blades, hero of Maxis and savior of the human army during their first tragic encounter, will have to formulate and carry out a plan that will push he and the entire population to its limits or be annihilated. This is the third book in the series and second to last in the story arc of the planet Maxis: the first extra-solar colony of the planet Earth.

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