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New Daycare to open end of July
South Africa - Gauteng
We would like to get a feel for who would be interested in the area. My mother and i plan to open a daycare for only 10 babies ages from 6 weeks - 1 year- reason being we want to give them full attention and help in terms of mile stones depending on the babies age.

What daycare activities do you provide for the children?

And we dont like the idea of lots of babies in a creche. It should be a loving, tranquil setting. And the reason we would take from 6 weeks is because there are a lot of single parents who dont have the option to stay with their babies and have to work and this is where we can help. Where they would be walked in prams and have other activites ie - tummy time, stories, colours, music, and feeling textures and objects ( this is all depending on their age and we would make sure this is in accordance with their age group of course.
and we would take the babies to Drs if they are sick to help the parents as we know how hard it is for them to go during working hours.
we would have cameras
we would bath the babies so the parents dont have to after work (this is optional)
we would arrange someone to come an do the vaccinations.
we would wear surgical gloves as to not spread germs as hygiene for us is very important and both of us being parents we know that will help.
We would have new mattresses for each child with blankets, linen, mobiles etc, safety would be important and who collects the babies.
And much more to offer.

We truelly are passionate about babies and would like to build a loving relationship with both parents and babies and help them to grow into strong, happy, healthy, confident toddlers.

How many kids are there per class?

we would each have 5 babies.
we would each have an assistant.

Can you tell us about your daycare prices?

we would charge for full day R3250.00
Would be from 6.30 am-5.30 pm

Do you have a daycare license, if so elaborate?

No as we dont need one

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Melissa Sherriff
I am a single mother to a 6 year old and 4 month old. I have first aid and i have au paired in the USA and in Jhb. I am 32 years old and have recently completed my studies in Forensic Science. I love children and animals and would go to the ends of the earth for them.

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If there are any babies phone us! We would love to have you :)

Nice Melissa .. good luck

Melissa Sherriff
Thank you "Free Advertising Online"