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Musical Experience Studios
United States - Prince Frederick
Piano Lessons!Deena Woodward has been teaching piano lessons for beginners to advance students for over 14 years, in her home studio, in Prince Frederick, Maryland. Teaching Monday through Thursday, hours open are from 10:00 am till 8:00 pm.Your first beginner lesson book is also provided for you at no charge. $20.00 for the half hour weekly lesson. Call (410) 535-5006 or email Deena Woodward at today! Come and see the Musical Experience that is waiting for you!

What Instructor Jobs are most in demand?

Music Instruction I feel is most in demand. We are a limited group, who chose to share their knowledge and love of music, to new and excited students. From young child to young adult to retired adult who just wants to learn or take a refresher course.

How did your learn to be an Instructor?

Many years of playing the piano, college, and wanting to show and share my craft with others. I first started teaching in 1999 when a co-worker approached me asking if I knew of anyone who taught piano lessons, since her daughter wanted to learn. After many years of music education, I told her that I could. Within the first month, and word of mouth, I had over eight students. As the months went by, my students grew and I realized that this could be the best job for me! I have watched my business grow and grow. I enjoy teaching and watching them learn. We have alot of fun too!

What instructor evaluation should a person do?

I feel that you should ask questions to the teacher about concerns that you might have with your child or yourself. I have learned over the years that every student is different, that they all learn at their own pace. Make sure that you have a teacher that understands this, is patient, and only wants the best for you or the child.

Did you attend any instructor training courses?

My years teaching have taught me that you are never too old to learn. As each student is different and each student may learn at a different pace. I feel that as a teacher, I am still learning. I have taken piano lessons for over 13 years, I have gone to college and have learned about music education, and I continue to play the piano now giving me over 30 years of playing.

What makes a person a good teacher?

Patience. Getting across to a student that yes, you have to practice. We cannot do anything well unless we try try try. Knowing that each person is different and that know two are the same. Humor also helps me to be a good teacher, getting them to enjoy their Musical Experience and wanting them to enjoy coming back each week.

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Deena Woodward
I am a wife, mother, now a grandmother of 4. I enjoy music, crafts, fishing, camping, and my 3 dogs. I work hard, play hard, and enjoy quite evenings on the porch. I love to play the piano,and teaching. I enjoy making candles and bath products as I am also crafty. I look forward to seeing and visiting with my grandchildren. I like to have fun.

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