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Memphis, Tennessees Best Stylist!
United States - Memphis
My name is Brandy and I live in Memphis Tennessee and I am a licensed cosmetologist. I own my own mobile hair business. I can come to you or you can come to me. My prices are the best in town and so is my work. I do roller sets, perms, weaves, extensions, braids, marcel styles and more. I graduated with a 95% attendance and 98% GPA at my school. Im the real deal!

What are the newest trends in the industry?

I think that the newest trends are : skin care, weaves, extensions, facials and massage techniques. Im not sure what other people think but this is what I feel. I think a woman can look good with or without extensions as long as her face is pretty and has a good body and dresses nice

Do you have well trainined staff?

Its just me. No employees yet. I work hard and put in a lot of hours to make money. I hustle around Memphis doing hair here and there and I dont make much but one day I want to open my own shop. Then I can hire more people and they will work for me

What skills are needed to become a Hair Stylist?

Creativity and punctuality. Willingness to do whatever it takes to make sure the customer is happy. Yo uhave ot know what youre doing with hair and it doesnt hurt ot know nails too bc yhou can add some services to your swag by doing nails with the hair

Should women use hair extensions?

Depends on who. Some women can rock that look. Others cant .. depends on your face and your body. If youve got a big ass then you can rock anything. But if you dont have it like that, then you shouldnt be frontin like that either. You just gotta be real

What haircuts are trending at the moment?

I dont do a lot of mens haircuts I do mostly women bc men be pushing up on me and stuff but I like to do roller sets and relaxeers. I think bobs are popular. Weaves and extensions are hot but its bc a lot of girls wanna look good but they just look ratchet tryin

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Brandy Dodson
Im a big girl from Memphis that is the best in the city at doing hair. Ill do your hair better than anyone. For sure. I am a mobile hair stylist but I dont carry any money over $50 for my safety. You know how it is here in the Bluff city... Book now for a deal!

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