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Making it through life
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My poetry book named making it through life is now 99 cents on Amazon! Get it while it remains at this price it has been rated 5 stars 3 times so far, and hopefully it will continue to be rated high on goodreads and amazon by fantastic readers such as yourself, so as the author I must say I am proud of my book so far and i hope everyone can continue enjoying it!-Alex Pauley

Do you have any tips regarding the Entertainment industry?

if you want to make a poetry book, make your problems your art. If you need to express yourself write it down and it will come to life and you shall be freed from the pain for a little while once your pen leaves that paper and you will feel good-alex pauley

How long have you been involved in Entertainment?

for around 1 year now i started writing poetry early this year, but i just recently made it into a book so i can start making money off of it, but it has always been about the recognition rather than the pay, so a good 5 star review is all it takes to make me happy.

What type of people enjoy your talents most?

usually older people even though i am only 16 myself older people seem to enjoy my book quite a lot it has been rated 5 stars 3 times between goodreads and amazon 3 is the total I am hoping for more to come soon, but until then I will do what i can to try and help my book and my fans.

Have you done any news worthy events or shows?

no I have not done any events or shows, i personally think my book could be on a tv interview show if someone important read it because it is pretty good, but what are the odds of that happening? So no, sorry I have not done anything news worthy as of shows.

What is your dream for your career?

to get plenty of recognition and become a famous poet that everyone looks up to, because I have been through a lot and I have turned all my pain and misery into my art, so I want my pain to at least give me something in return wouldnt you agree? So that is my dream!

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alex pauley
I have been depressed for a long time, but now that summer is here I dont have to worry about it anymore and I can be free from my worries that have been going on at school, but my poetry continues on as making it trough life my book which is the result of all my feelings during depression over the entire year and being suicidal and i put them in order to tell a story of how i felt so hopefully you can understand the story.

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