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Key 2 debt freedom PTY Ltd.
South Africa - Nationwide
Debt problems
How debt counseling will help you.
More cash available.
Easier creditor negotiations
One reduced installment for all debt
Protect your house and car
Regain financial control
Do Not Delay - Call Us Today
086 722 7563 or 0861 debt aid
OR Sms help to 38021 and a consultant will call you back.
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What Finance News should everyone know about?

Debt counseling services.
The national credit act.
Visit web pages of key 2 debt freedom and read about financial problems. Questions and answers available on this web pages.
Read about reckless credit and learn to understand what that means.
Visit the ncr website.

What mistake do people make when it comes to finance?

People are people and when credit are easy to get, people will use it. They will then become over-indebted, which will start making live complicated. People use credit cards to much and buy things they do not really need. People do not read contracts that they sign.

Can you offer any investment advice?

No. We help over-indebted consumers. When you need investment ideas, they can visit moneyweb website or use Google for more information. Our company specialize in the assistance to guide consumer and learn them about controlling their income and expenses.

Can you get finance with bad credit?

Yes, we assist clients, even if they have bad credit records. People with bad credit records are not always bad in how to control their money, but may be from economical factors. Reduced salaries or retrenchments. South Africa are 1 of the countries with a high unemployment rate.

Explain your fees and payment structure?

We use standard fee guidelines set out by the National credit act. worked into your monthly installment. No upfront fees are to be paid. The standard fees are equel to your monthly installment up to R6000.00 + Vat. Legals fees are explained in our application.

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