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It Works! by Lenzi
United States - Columbus
Hi my name is Lenzi and I am a Distributor with a company called It Works! Global. We are an all natural health and beauty line. Our most popular item offered is our ultimate body applicator (body wrap) which tightens, tones, firms, and inches are lost in as little as 45 minutes. I am looking for new women and men to join my team either as a loyal customer or as a distributor! If you beoome a loyal customer you will receive up to 40% off all of our products, you earn perk points that you can use on orders to save money, you receive free shipping after you third consecutive month and you will receieve the loyal customer pricing for LIFE! With signing up as loyal customer you will have a three month commitment, where you can try ANY of our products, or any of the packages ( more items for less money ) and after the third month you can cancel the auto shipment and order whenever you want. You may also sign you up as an Independent Distributor. As an Independent Distributor you will selling the products and building your team. You will still be able to use the products, as well as sell them to interested clients. ( wraps are always a great thing to keep on hand! ) Being a Distributor give you the opportunity to make extra money. You can earn $500 in your first 60 days and even earn out 10,000 bonus within 3 months!

What job interview tips can you help with?

Honestly, there is no job interview tips that I can provide. We do not hold job interviews. We will tell our clients all the information about the job and the products, and set them free to promote their business in their own way. We will always be there to support them and guide them, but we will not do the work for them.

What qualifications would you recommend

The only qualifications we have is that you have to be 18 years or older and a valid bank account. We do judge nor discriminate against any of our clients that want to join our team. You do not have to have a background in sales or any experience. We will teach you everything that you need to know!

How can one improve their skills for this position?

The only skills that we ask for is to be patient, consistent and accurate. We never want one of our clients to receive the wrong information. I am always here to answer questions and to guide our team members in the right direction. There are many resources that are offered to help!

Can you provide information about the employer?

It Works! Global was founded in 2001, we are a direct selling company that specializes in proffestional quality health, beauty and wellness products at affordable prices. It Works! Global has thousands of Independent Distributors and Loyal Customers accross 3 continents, 12 countries and multiple territories.

What should help secure this position?

The main things I look for in a new loyal customer or a distributor is consistent and patience. When using our products, you have to be consistent and be patient. Yes our products help change peoples lives, but our products can not do all the work. You have to be willing to make some changes in your life to see those amazing results!

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My Products / Services
Ultimate Body Applicator
The Ultimate Body Applicator (Body Wrap) is a non woven cloth wrap that is pre applied with a powerful botanical lotion to help deliver maximum tightening, toning and firming results once applied to the skin. You apply one applicator to one area on your body.(any place from the neck down) You can leave the wrap on from 45 mintues to 8 hours. The pre applied lotion keeps working for another 72 hours after the wrap is removed. You can wrap every 72 hours or once a week for the best results. The wraps can be cut into different sections, which will allow you to wrap more than one area at a time. For example, one body wrap can make 6 Chin & Neck wraps.

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