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Instantbond is a superglue that holds firm titebond within seconds. It is not just simply a strong glue it is an instant weld on demand, its a whole new method of adhesion. Imagine the possibilities!

DIY Repairs, Hardware & Trim, Kitchen Cabinet, Metal Working,
Stone Fabrication, Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, Automotive, Construction,and More.

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This Product is a must have product for every industry: DIY Repairs, Hardware & Trim, Kitchen Cabinet, Metal Working, Stone Fabrication, Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, Automotive, Construction, and More

What condition are the goods in?

New, Works as this Instantbond Super Adhesive is on steroids !

Do you sell any other types of tools?

Yes, We do have many other tools Visit:

StoneMagic Granite Cleaner (500ml)Superb Cleaning Results
A highly concentrated and fresh fragrance cleaning solution for daily or routine cleaning of granite and most other natural stone.
Powerful on Grease & Grime
Fast Acting & Easy to Use
Highly Concentrated
Contains Natural Plant - Extracts
Daily or Routine Cleaning !!

Stone Revitalizer (500ml)

Extremely High Gloss Finish
A truly outstanding and unique Granite Care Polish which is the professionals choice for daily polishing and protection of Granite & Quartz work surfaces.
Restores colour and sheen
Safe For Use in Food Areas
Cleans and polishes and protects in one step
Makes Daily Cleaning Easier
Solvent Free !!

Stainless Steel Cleaner (500ml)
Stainless Steel Cleaner (500ml)
Add to Cart
ECO friendly and safe for daily use
Cleans and shines without streaking. Will not scratch or change colour of stainless steel. ECO friendly and safe for daily use
Removes fingerprints, smudge, water spots and greases
For all stainless steel surfaces,StoneMagic Sealer

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Instantbond is the fastest curing high performance cyanoacrylate adhesive superglue. When used together with the activator spray, bonding time is reduced to mere seconds, at an incredible 5000lb. psi bonding strength which is nearly impossible to break.
What makes Instantbond so unique is its ability to achieve a cure in as little as 3 seconds, allowing you to use the fixed or repaired item immediately, No waiting for hours, clamping, taping or nails.

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