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Ink By Jersey
United States - Youngstown
Custom and contemporary tattoos offered at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality or cleanliness. All needles are brand new and E.O. Gas sterilized. Use only the best plant based Inks (Starbrite) that take well into the skin with minimal pain and last a lifetime. Must be 18 or older, fill out paperwork and have proper identification. If you have any health issues such as diabetes please consult your doctor before getting a tattoo. Never get a tattoo under the influence of or . If you have any questions feel free to call Jersey at: (330) 423-7237

What skills do you need as an Entrepreneur?

To keep an open mind and know your market. Supply and demand for your area and that advertising is key to reaching your consumer. Customer service is key in starting any business As is making good connections Within your community. Offering a quality product at a reasonable price is ket.

Did you study, or have you learnt your skills?

Yes I not only studied but spend a year apprenticing to learn my trade. Growing up I always had a natural ability for art So I applied that to my business And it has served me well. While learning practice is one of the most important things In order to keep fresh in this business

What is the next big thing in your opinion?

The next big thing is Learning new techniques For minimal pain while tattooing And raising the standards for cleanliness in a shop. New equipment and inks are coming out all the time so it is best to be current and not only update your equipment but your practice as well .t

How does a person create good entrepreneurial ideas?

1.create good entrepreneurial ideas by going out into the field and listening to the consumer. Figuring out what people want and or need is key to any good business. Most great ideas come from existing products that are modified To make them easier or able.

Describe any entrepreneurial skills you have?

My entrepreneurial skill is to be able to listen to people And figure out what they need. If a good idea strikes you can then build a business around that as long as it has a good customer base. I know how to turn a dollar into a thousand dollars and take that money and put it back into the business.

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I provide custom and contemporary tattoo work at a quality price in a clean environment. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. My clients happiness is the most important thing thats why I get a lot of repeat business. If necessary I will also make house calls and bring my business to you. If you have any questions Im more than happy to answer them. I am also open on Sundays by appointment only.

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