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Ideal Market Trading PTY LTD Forex Trading
South Africa - Gauteng
Our Vision is to excel in the Forex Market Business as a business referral to our registered broker. As we saw the need to educating people on how to make money for themselves rather than them working hard for money. Our Educational information is more about the client we help and provide them with the right information at all times

What is your business history?

The director of the company has been trading since 2008 to date and has a banking experience through one of the leading banks in Africa (Standard Bank) and the business Ideal Market Trading started it operations in 2012 as a registered company. We want to excel in this business.

Any advice for buyers?

We are a Business Referral company in the Forex Market Trading business located in South Africa. We provide the necessarily needed information and educate our clients where they lack information of becoming profitable traders.Our website

Do you have any product guarantees

We have a range of product in place via our registered broker that our clients can choose from. We do not by any chance trade for people but only assist in the generalization of educating them on how to make money using advanced technologies. We are here to grow throughout Africa and the World

What is your average net profit and turnover?

Our revenue has been ranging between R 100,000.00 to R 200,000.00 annually. I have no doubt that this number can double or even triple but we as a company have to cover all the basis legally and educationally which is why we are taking our own time and have no desired time frame in place.

Should investors know anything else?

As a broad minded company we welcome
proposals from prospective investors who believe in our
business approach, objectives and values. We cant wait to
extend our services to other emerging African Countries. We look forward to owning our own trading platform and fully operate as a bank.

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Ideal Market Trading
Learn how to trade the forex market and make money. We have the most advanced technologies in place to help you on becoming not just a trader but a profitable Forex Trader. Contact us anywhere in South Africa as we are here for your needs in connection with Forex Trading.

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