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Henje Quilting and Embroidary
South Africa - Krugersdorp
Henje is a Quilting and Embroidery company that create spectacular quilts, linens, duvets, curtains, soft furnishings, bags, golf towels and table cloths. From nurseries to any other room like kitchens and sitting rooms and bedrooms. We customize anything by your specifications.

How long have you been operating?

10 Years

Do you products carry any guarantees?

Our terms and conditions on all products differs because our range of products are to big to put the same guarantee on each product.

Will a child learn anything from this product?

We make baby embroidered cloth books with felt material, silk ribbons and buttons and different types of materials applicator on the book. Our quilts are made with different types of fabric for babies to touch and feel different textures to help with their development. We can also make nappies with different types of silk, cotton and organza ribbons. We can make sucking teddy bear shape blankets for teething made out of towelling.

How does one order this product?

You can order by mail or come and see our show room with our ready made stock like embroidered bedding for single, dibble and queen size and cot quilts and duvets. Our show room also has embroidered bookmarks, blankets, pillow cases and tissue boxes and hangers.

Is product new or second hand?

All our products are newly custom made to suit your needs. If you can dream it I can make it. We make all kinds of baby bags, baby quilts, and embroidered nappies. We also finish your half made projects like old quilts that was started by grand ma and you want to have it finish but dont have the time to do it.

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