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South Africa - Port Elizabeth
We are helping people who are struggling with their debts, By providing a repayment solution. We also assist our clients with counseling,educating them about handling their debts and also providing relief. We also provide them with a plan for a debt free life. Theres a process that needs to be followed precisely to get the best results

What financial management software is most popular?

Its popular in assisting people who cannot help themselves,who are over indebted and struggling to pay their debts.

Can you talk about financial management theory and practice?

(Theory)National regulated act, which was formulated with intentions of protecting the consumers from reckless lenders. (Practice) We enforce this act, by regulating the clients payments and give customers relief but also making sure that they pay their accounts at a reasonable interest rate and period.

What should people do when it comes to financial management

They should Consult a reputable Debt Counselor.

How should the average person structure their portfolio?

Total monthly installment + Monthly expense = SHOULD BE MET BY YOUR SALARY, if this doesnt Balance you over indebted.

What costs and fees are involved?

Debt Counselor fees, and Legal fees Which will be paid with the Installment worked out for you. No extra charges.

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Debt Management
We believe that people should not suffer needlessly with their debt and we can help you regain control of your finances by giving you the best advice to resolve your situation. After carefully considering your personal circumstances we will recommend the best solution to get your finances back on track D.M.S has a dedicated and experienced team of friendly debt advice specialists who will be able to help you manage your finances, reducing your monthly repayments and easing stress.

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