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Greenline Murals
South Africa - Moot Area
Are you looking into spicing up your home, bedroom, preschool or even restaurant with a splash of art?
Were a company that provides murals (artwork directly applied onto a large surface such as walls and ceilings and is permanent once applied)We charge on average R200 per cubic meter depending on detail and other factors.
Were all about wall art made smart, We simply love what we do!

What type of artist are you?

Insane Imaginative realist!
When you stare at an art piece you are busy with, it is kind of like a mere reflection of yourself... As you paint it, you paint a part of who you are into it as you are expressing who you are through your paintbrush, you are in your own company all the time in your mind which is your own space, Thats where an artists uniqueness falls into place, your art is who you are, if people like your art they sure would like you too, as authors are loved when they write great books.

What forms of art do you specialize in?

There are no limitations in art, But the main focus is murals. we also do special request portrait drawings, canvas and aging of furniture, because art is vast and never ending, I cannot conveniently say I do only or two different types of art, each experience is different and requires you to do different things as all people want something different done of their own, thats what is great about being an artist, uniqueness!

Is art a passion or a Job?

Passion, now that is one of my favorite words that describe art! Although it is a passion and a job in my opinion anyway- its a job in a sense to continuously work hard at your goals and never give up on it every single day of your life to keep improving your raw quality of work,therefore it is not an actual job but indeed hard work! It is more of a passion because even when you feel a day of not wanting to do it, you simply LOVE it too much to give up! Art is vast and never-ending, it is everywhere we go... and it is part of everything we do in our modern world, in a way, every single person loves art whether theyre aware of it or not!

Can you tell us about your favourite famous artist

Salvador Dali. If you have ever seen his art, youll know one doesnt even need to say more, he brought out a whole new era of artwork its so brilliant people still admire it today. He was unique, enthusiastic and had the imagination and creativity of many artists combined.

Can you explain the term artist vs poet?

An artist expresses their emotions through each swift of a paintbrush, as much as a poet does the same with a black or blue pen, an artist expresses with full blown color.

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