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Finally, a book for the believer that confronts their financial lack. Misinterpretation: Prosperity on Earth explores major mental reasons of why we continue to suffer with our money matters as Christians. It is a guide which leads the employee-minded people of God to His original design for wealth!

What Finance News should everyone know about?

Devote half of your T.V. time to CNBC. Watch interviews with financial leaders such as Warren Buffet, Robert T. Kiyosaki and Donald Trump (just to name a few) to increase your financial vocabulary and keep you informed of the latest tends occurring often in the business world.

What mistake do people make when it comes to finance?

The mistake people make in the area of finance is not understanding the purpose of money. There is a purpose for pencils, shoes and also-money! Chapter 7 of the book discusses that purpose. The purpose of money is to sow as a money seed for a money harvest! Not to pay bills.

Can you offer any investment advice?

Invest in your financial literacy! Money is only necessary in the absence of knowledge. We, as consumers, only pay for things that we do not know or do not have time to do ourselves. Therefore, societies are built from the individual expertise of its members.

Can you get finance with bad credit?

Absolutely! Money and credit are only results they are not causes. If an individual strives to increase their money, it will only take place in their minds-first. Increasing your financial intellect is paramount because your mind dictates the quality of your physical world.

Explain your fees and payment structure?

No matter the sect, we want everyone to know that we are on the cutting edge by having the latest tends. We will pay any price to have it so. What would you pay if you could finally fix your money problem? Well, this book is available for only $21.00 plus tax.

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Gods Original Design for Wealth
This 4-part teaching series was developed by Charles H. Boxsley Jr. for the believers-in Christ-utilizing the King James Version of the bible. It is a video sequence in which the first video is free on YouTube and our website The remaining(3) videos are $10.00 each (30-40 minutes in length).
The videos are strategically designed to show the people God that they do not have to be all over the place in their understanding of financial matters. We know-to a certain degree-how to budget our current resources and how to pay bills. What is-now-lacking is the ability to produce wealth! Well...according to the word of God, there is an original design!

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