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Devine Taste Pty Ltd
South Africa - Naturena
Devine Taste Pty Ltd brings you the best quality of food, we use the fresh vegetables and fresh herbs and prepare our food naturally.
There is a variety of services:
kiddies parties
Corporate catering
wedding arrangements
cake sales

What are catering supplies, do you recommend any?

I cant do without a knife, chopping board, warmers, plating, glassware and tableware and state of the art griller and stove. And most of all my amazing staff members.

What do your catering services entail?

Buying groceries
Pre food tasting
Food preparation
Serving-all our events are waiter served
set up and clearing

What is your business history?

We opened doors in 2012 May and since then it has been success after success. We have made it in different aspects. Our weddings are tailor made for the groom and the bride and no wedding is like the other because we tell a story on each and every event. We are also creating memories for our couples.
we take advantage of our creative skills that sets us apart from any other business.
Devine Kiddies entertainment is one of the exciting arm of our business, we focusing our energies on making the kids birthday parties and fun days the best a memorable.

Do you cater for weddings / parties / corporates at all?

We do catering for weddings, corporate,social gatherings, baby showers, birthday parties, kiddies parties and platters

What is your history in the industry?

We have made the mark in tge industry, we have couple of testimonials from our customers. We have learned through this journey that every client must be treated as an individual. They deserve to be treated as such. We have managed to consistently please our customers. We catered for top organisations such as:
Christ Glorious Church
Kara Heritage Institute
Vuyani Dance Theatre

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My Products / Services
Wedding planning
Devine Taste Pty Ltd organises the best weddings, tailor made to suit every couple.
We do not believe in following the trend or doing things the way other caterers are doing it.
We are known for our uniqueness and we take advantage of our creative abilities which helps go give our clients dream couples.
We offer African Cuisine, Indian and Western to cater for our African, Indian and White clients.
Our additional services are:
bridal bouquets and grooms boutonnire
flower arrangements
set up and clearing
Waitress- all our events are waiter served

Product Features
Business Owner's Profile
Kgopotso Monyemohonoe
I am the founder and Director of Devine Taste Pty Ltd. I grew up enjoying being in the kitchen and nurtured my skill for cooking over all the years through the help of my mum and granny.
Cooking was not regarded as a career back in the days and also considering where I was raised in the rural part of Limpopo. I am here to make sure that Devine Taste provides the best service to its clients and ensure the growth of thd business. I am attending different workshops and exhibitions through the help of Thebe Reed exhibitions and Gauteng Enterprise propeller(GEP)
I am also enrolling with Capsycum in the year 2015
This is company is my dream and it will be known everywhere for its great service and good quality food.

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