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Debt Managers
South Africa - Worcester
Debt Managers - A new and exciting opportunity to deal with debt and go home with more money in your pocket. Avoid legal action, get rid of the stress and anxiety creditors give you! Be Debt free!!! - Debt Mediation/Consolidation. We also give financial advice and do budgeting. Give us a call :

Office: 0233476040
Cell: 0621719210

What should people know about finance?

Your financial state is key to living a successful life. Educating yourself about finance is the most important and most rewarding thing you can do in your life. Everyone should know how budgeting works, you HAVE to know on what you spend your money and where. That way you can track income and expenditures.

How can a person make good financial decisions?

Most important thing in making good decisions is sticking to your budget, if you have any financial change down the line, alter it to your needs and expenses. Take care of monthly debts and stick to agreements made. Having financial goals and fulfilling them is so rewarding, you would want to do it every time!!

What mistakes does the average peson make?

People making deals over the phone and giving out their bank details whether its buying a new bed set, taking out policies or putting yourself under debt administration or -review. What commonly also happens is people making debt to pay existing debt. If you cant afford the existing debt how will you afford the new big loan?

Do you have any advice about loans and finance?

DO NOT make a loan to pay off an older loan because its in arrears or because you cant afford it, rather make a payment arrangement thats affordable to you. Whenever you think about taking out a loan, do research about where the interest rate is the lowest.

Explain your fees and payment structure?

We negotiate with your creditors for a lower (lesser) installment and get the agreement in writing between both parties. We have an external lawyer that does all the payments to creditors. We accumulate your installment based on the agreements. We only take the first installment as fees to pay the lawyer, consultant and the office. After the first month your payment goes directly to your creditors as agreed.

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I have worked for a company before that also does mediation. I have seen what the business entails. I have worked hard to serve the people and educate them about their own finances. My door is always open and I strive to make the world debt free, one person at a time.

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