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DAMECO App - Real Estate Appraisal Management
United States - Scottsdale
Mortgage & real estate professionals, are you in need of a residential appraisal? Then the DAMECO app is here to help! Order an appraisal via the DAMECO app and track your orders status throughout the process. Appraisers who are on our vendor panel can utilize the app as well, they can accept or decline orders and make order status updates. Both the client and appraiser will receive real-time push notifications regarding order status changes and can message or respond to DAMECO staff conveniently right within the order details. The DAMECO app is now integrated with Moxtra SDK, where you can join or request a meeting with DAMECO staff so we can better assist you with any order questions or help you navigate the DAMECO app. Please visit Diamond Appraisal Management Executives website for more details regarding our DAMECO app and see the numerous other ways this handy app can save you time.

What new technology articles do you recommend?

Great sources for articles regarding new mortgage technology and new real estate technology can be found at National Mortgage News, Inman News, Geek Estate Blog, RE Technology, and Tech Savvy Agent websites. Theyre all very current and post many informative helpful articles.

What advice would you give to buyers?

The DAMECO app is free to use, but first requires an online account to be set up in our system. Please feel free to email us at so we can set up your account ASAP, then you can access the DAMECO apps. For more information visit our website at

How will New Technology change our lives in the future?

Technology has already changed our lives by making information easier and more convenient to access and share. It will continue to change our future as new technology platforms become more integrated with existing, this will help make current processes more streamlined and less flawed.

Who is your target market?

The DAMECO app and our services can be used by anyone needing a real estate appraisal, but lenders, banks, mortgage brokers, attorneys, and realtors usually require real estate appraisals more frequently. Homeowners who are thinking about selling their house can benefit from having it first appraised to determine the current market value.

What is your business history?

Diamond Appraisal Management Executives was formed in September 2012. Currently we are headquartered in Scottsdale Arizona but offer our service nationwide in 17 states. Were in the process of offering our services in additional states soon, so please check back on our website where updates will be posted.

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The DAMECO app can be used by our clients to create & submit new real estate appraisal orders, message DAMECO staff, and track their current active orders. They will receive real-time push notifications when a new status update regarding their order is made or if they receive a new message. Panel appraisers can utilize the DAMECO app to accept or decline new appraisal orders, make updates regarding the orders progress, enter the inspection & approximate ETA date, update their profile, view complete order details while out in the field and message DAMECO staff directly. Appraisers will receive real-time push notifications regarding a new order being available to accept or decline, order status changes, and when they receive a new message.

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Diamond Appraisal Management Executives is an real estate appraisal management company located in Arizona. We currently offer our services in 17 states. We created the new DAMECO app for our clients and panel appraisers which will streamline the process and make communicating with us more convenient. Please visit our website at or give us a call at (888) 993-3263 for more information.

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