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Complete Building maintenance under one Roof
South Africa - Durban
Heres a list of some of the work we do. All our work is gauranteed and value for money. We work neatly and professionally.
We under take building, building repairs and maintenance, Renovations, tiling, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, roof repairs, waterproofing, drainage systems,
flooring (wooden and others), fencing etc etc. Call now for a free quote.

Any adivce about selecting a good Handyman?

Select a good Handyman by his expertise and experience. The no of years behind him will tell you of his workmanship you can expect. Also he mqay not come cheap but in the end you will be satisfied with his work. Always check uot his background and the kind of workers employed by him.

What tools and skills do you have?

I use only the best tools for the job and have 18years of exprience in the trade. All my staff are experienced for the job. They are all well versed on what needs to be undertaken All work are undertaken neatly and swiftly doing our best to avoid delays.

Did you study or have you become self-tought?

I have studied for 4 years with additional studies in electronics and the rest gained experience. My years of experience as taught me more that all that I have studied as it is only once you have put your hand to the job do you actually work out the solutions.

Is DIY a good idea for certain jobs?

Its a good idea when you know what you doing. Not haveing any experience on the job at hand will always cost you and some times cost you a lot. However in saying this I must say it is worth the try sometimes or else how will one learn to do this. But please do take a chance on big stuff.

How do you know you need a handyman?

When you yourself are not able to undertake the job, or when you require a proper job to be done. Not knowing what to do will always set you back a few bucks. Never take a chance with electrical work or plumbing. Also some jobs are better given out especially when you have physical problems and using machinery can create a problem.

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I have been in building maintenance and renovations for the past 18 years. Most of my work comes through word of mouth. We are recognised for our honesty and trustworthyness by all. We have never had a problem with this. Our workmanship is always satisfactory meeting all requirements of our clients and beyond.

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