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Childrens Stories and Fairy Tales
United States - Charlotte metro area.
As an author and writer it pleases me to help children learn while young. Children learn things even in story form they can use in life and those things though small will help them to grow in wisdom and knowledge. Children who learn values early in life far exceed those who are not taught. I love to be one who gives.

What environmental issues are most important today?

Disease is running rampant all over the world. Ebloa in other nations is one disease that if given the time could wipe out nations. We must work to have scientist who can stop or aid in keeping disease under control. An example is Polio.

What environmental groups can a person join?

It can start easily with church groups visiting other countries. We dont know how to help if we do not know what is needed in other countries. Once we know the need then we can have groups go and give aid.

What environmental books would you recommend?

All medical books and health groups would be a start. Most people do not know enough about disease to prevent it. I would start in my local church and Red Cross.

Can you talk about Enviromental Sustainability?

Nations cannot continue to grow or endure if disease that is contagious is not prevented or stopped entirely. We must work harder to keep disease at bay and have medicines that work to stop any such disease. Cancer and Heart Disease are a start.

What environmental issues should we know about?

We should be aware of all issues about our environment. We cannot continue to grow as a nation of wealth if we allow disease to run rampant. We must have scientist who can provide ways to stop disease. Cancer lives because of pharmaceutical greed.

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Childrens Stories
Reading a story to a tot can reap vast rewards in the future. It only takes a few interesting stories that can teach as well as entertain a child. They love to hear stories even from parents or teachers and will keep those things in their lives forever. I still remember stories I was read as a child.

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