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Business Plan writing App BizToolkit App
South Africa - Witbank
Business Plan writing App & BizToolkit App - Celebrate Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Are you a business start-up requiring a business plan? The Cerebrate can help you. Our innovative easy-to-use business apps will guide you to compile your very own bankable business plan. The #BizToolkit app helps you prepare that all important financial plan and consists of:
- 2 Years monthly Cash Flow Forecasts
- 5 Years annual Cash Flow Forecasts
- 5 Years Projected Income Statements
- 5 Years Projected Balance Sheets
- Financial and Business Ratios including break-even analysis

#Business Plan writing app
Consists of a business plan template and a HelpWizard to advise and guide the writer on how to best prepare the business plan. The app also has a 3rd party collaboration , where a plan can be shared with mentors, business coaches, accountants etc. to either view the plan or veiw and edit. The resulting plan is printed as a fully formatted pdf document ready for printing or to be e-mailed.

What financial management software is most popular?

Cerebrate Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd on-line business software applications #BizToolkit (a Business Financial planning app) & #Business Planning app (an app that teaches the writer how to compile a business plan)

Can you talk about financial management theory and practice?

Yes, from banking and financing options to cash flow and financial ysis, risk ysis, turn-around management. Investment ysis.

What should people do when it comes to financial management

When considering financial management options, dont get emotional, be able to critically yse options and make informed decisions based on the big picture.

How should the average person structure their portfolio?

Dependent on the individuals propensity for risk.

What costs and fees are involved?

#BizToolkit - Launch Price: R1,799
#Business Plan app - Launch Price: R2,499

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My Products / Services
Business Plan app
Cerebrates Business Plan app is an online software application that guides and assists business owners and start-ups to compile their own business plans.

The app consists of a Business Plan template with all the relevant headings as required by financial institutions in South Africa, together with a HelpWizard, which explains what information is required for every heading, where the information can be found, how to do market research, how to critically yse information and guide the writer to capture the information in spaces provided. The app also includes the BizToolkit component which has all its features included for the financial plan of the business plan.

The plan can be "Shared" with 3rd party collaborators at any stage, such as business coaches, mentors, accountants or bank managers. Access to skilled experts through the "Contact Us" ality is also a feature of this app.

The completed business plan is a fully self-formatted pdf document that can be printed or e-mailed

Product Features
BizToolkit app
The BizTookit app, is a business financial planning app, that enables a business owner (with little-to-no accounting experience) to prepare a Financial Plan. The app can be used to test different financial scenarios like different mark-up or Gross Profit %s for products, differing interest rates or amounts of loans, debtor & creditor ages, cash flow effects and overall business viability. The app includes a loan amortisation schedule and once completed, offers the writer the following:
- 2 Years monthly Cash Flow Projections
- 5 Years annual Cash Flow Statements
- 5 Years Projected Income Statements
- 5 Years Projected Balance Sheets
- 5 Years projected business and financial ratios

Product Features
Business Owner's Profile
I am Passionate about helping start-ups and SMEs succeed. I have over 25 years banking experience and 17 years business consulting experience, a Bachelor of Business Administration qualification, making me uniquely experienced to help your business.

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