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Business Funding. Colemanfundingguru
United States - Atlanta
Colemanfundingguru -(903)740-3869,How to get Personal and Business Funding $50k Guaranteed!

We specialize in New and Established businesses, and would like to introduce you to some of our unique new financing programs, many of which are not available through traditional lending sources.

In todays financial marketplace, money is tight. Many traditional lending sources are not lending as freely as they used to.

You may have encountered difficulty in obtaining funds for:

Vehicle Wrap Financing
Commercial Real Estate
Working Capital

…Or a variety of worthwhile purposes that will allow your business to grow.

If you are seeking new equipment of any kind, we can assist you in arranging a new equipment lease with 100% tax deductible payments!

If you find yourself caught tight due to an influx of orders for your goods or services, we can arrange a cash advance against your new or existing purchase orders or contracts.

If you are experiencing cash flow problems because your existing customers are not paying you as quickly as they used to, we can arrange a cash advance against your outstanding accounts

If you are contemplating purchasing the building you are in, a new building for expansion purposes or refinancing the existing commercial mortgage on your existing building, we can help you today!

Thats great! I have something I know you will absolutely love, called the Coleman Funding Suite.

The Coleman funding suite will help you insure your business is setup credibly so you can meet lending guidelines, insuring you stand the best chance of being approved before you even apply. Plus it will give you access to more funding than is available anywhere else, where you can get money even as a start-up companies or with personal credit challenges. And, through the Coleman funding suite you can build a business credit profile and score for your business so you can secure even more money with no personal guarantee or credit check.

Are you a reputable lending institution?

Yes, we are a reputable lending source with over 2100 lending sources at your disposal for personal and business credit for $50,000 in funding Guaranteed!

And we show you how to get Personal and Business Funding from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

What does someone need to quality?

For someone to qualify they need a FICO score of at least a 580 or higher, 650 if a new start up, in which we have an in house personal credit repair company that does an excellent job of getting the scores to where they need to be(

What are the terms and interest rates?

The terms vary from 6 months, 5 years, to 10 years and the interest rates are from 0% to 29% depending on if the business is in the high risk category or not,in which we definitely have business funding for high risk businesses. We also have some where personal credit is not a factor. And, we have Coleman Funding Suite to help you setup your business credible to get the financing you need at an interest that is comfortable for you.

Do you have offices?

Our offices are located in Atlanta,Texas, near the Louisiana and Arkansas borders. We are setup to come your business virtually or in person(locally), in which over 90% of the time we are setup to come to you for the Coleman Funding Suite presentation, in which we show the secret banking funding factors that your banker want tell you, but we will show you, as well as you will have your own software(Coleman Funding Suite) to know what banks require, before you apply for a loan, so you can meet those requirements before you go and apply. Cant beat that!

What organizations are you a member of?

Im a member of the Masonic Lodge, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Highlander Club, Private Investigation Association and Oxford Club. Also, Im a certified Paralegal and credit restoration consultant, Forensic Securitization Auditor and Mortgage Fraud Securitization Auditor.

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Brandon Coleman
Im a certified Credit Repair Consultant, certified Paralegal, certified Mortgage Fraud Securitization Auditor, and have been a Credit Consultant for 7 + years and run numerous online business such credit repair,Coleman Marketing,Coleman Online , funding company, and Alternative Energy Company(Green), in which I highly believe in the Green movement.

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