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United States - Atlanta
Holding Auditions for experienced Artists for paid Gigs. We have different venues for you to share your talent and get paid. You must register to insure an appointment. 762-233-7401 The Auditions will be held on February 21, 2015 at The Soul Asylum 1767 Defoor, Atlanta Georgia. If you are paying the day of the auditions the fee will be $25.00 but keep in mind we my not see you nor take your money if we do not have time to see your act. Those who we do see we will keep your information for two months.

Do you know about any venues for weddings?

We have various very venue owners looking to book talent to entertain the clients guests. What we are looking for is not only just artists but true entertainers. We want to give our clients a wide selection of entertainment. It can be live bands, comedians and solo singers.

What services do you offer every guest?

We have an arsenal of various services at our fingertips. Our goal is to touch bases with the clients and give them the proper entertainment that they need to entertain the regular customer base that they have and create a new following to generate a platform for the entertainers to be seen and paid and the client to boost its business.

Any tips for us about your industry?

 There have always been two levels in the Entertainment business.
Either you are Underground or Industry. In the past if you didnt get
signed you were forced to stay underground forever with no direction
or help. It was an era when artists lacked the knowledge and got taken
advantage of through bad negotiations due to lack of information.

Who are your generally targeting?

Lets look at the word UNDERGROUND and what it represents.
Underground - death, beneath, buried, covered, underfoot, corrosion,
in need of being lifted up.

Question: Why do we hold on to such a negative word when most of us
are doing positive work?

The moment you say youre an underground artist people automatically
assume you need help, that you lack the talent and/or do not have
what it takes to be successful in the industry.  To the artists that
take great pride and invest in their craft this is an insult and a bit
offensive.  We at The Understry rebuke such stereotypical words
attached to our professional creative talent.

What costs or packages are available?

When we hold auditions we only ask that the artists register through Pay Pal for $15.00 to insure they will show up to be seen. If you are serious about your craft you will invest in yourself. The fee helps us cover the audition space and insures that you will be seen.

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