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Visit to view our amazingly low prices. Get a website for your business and get discovered online today! You could have your own website for as little as R 2,350, this also includes your first years domain registration, hosting & email accounts. These prices are valid for a limited time only so dont miss out!

Give a web developer job description?

A web developer is a programmer who specializes in the development of world wide web applications or distributed network applications that are run over HTTP from a webs server to a web browser. Web developers are used by companies to develop websites to promote brands, products or services.

What tools and software do you use as a developer?

We make use of a wide variety of tools and software to create websites, the tools or software used will vary based on each customers personal requirements, for most websites where a content management system is required, we make use of WordPress as it has a user-friendly interface, thus making it easier for anyone to learn and understand the basics when making changes to their website.

Any tips for people about web sites?

A website is a tool used by companies to effectively market their brands. products or services online. Any yahoo can learn to make a free website online, the difference is understanding the needs of each individual business and realizing that flexibility, ability and ease of access plays a big role, therefore it is extremely important to use a web developer or web design company with enough knowledge to understand and realize each and every aspect of a customers requirements. You could pay someone off the street R500 for a website but at the end of the day you will sit with something which will offer no ability and something that does not effectively represent your company or meet your requirements.

What SEO tips can you give us?

When it comes to SEO its all about realizing what the general public is searching for! It is extremely important to know which keywords are relevant for each and every topic. Relevance is key! SEO can also be increased by renaming images (giving each image an appropriate name) to enable users who search for certain keywords to find your images, which will in turn lead them to your website.

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My Products / Services
Professional 5-Page Business Website
A fully- al 5-page website, ideally used by small/medium enterprises to market their brands/products/services. Get up to 5 pages, designed to effectively promote your business!

Most commonly used pages:

1. "Home" or "Homepage"
2. "About Us" or "Who Are We" or "What Do We Do"
3. "Our Products" or "Products" or "Services"
4. "Specials" or "Special Offers" or "Competitions"
5. "Contact Us" or "Locate Us" or "Branches"

The following is included in the cost of your website:

* First years Domain Registration
* First Years Hosting & Email
* Custom 5-Page Design
* Google Adwords Credit
* OPTIONAL content management system

We are currently running an unbeatable special on all websites so visit for more!

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The Website Girls
We specialize in the design and development of websites for companies of any nature. We design websites for small/medium enterprises as well as large corporate companies, we even offer online stores! In todays world, websites have become powerful marketing tools, with millions of consumers searching for products and services online every day!

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