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Meatl Arts Architecture Metals
United States - Wisconsin
Metal Arts a manufacture of high quality metal works. We create scrolled Accent Crowns, Corner Accents, Archway Accents, Scrolled Sign Brackets. Are products are Made In The USA with high quality materials and coatings from suppliers in USA. We are in the home interior and luxury home building industries.

What is your business goal?

To provide high quality Metal Works MADE IN THE USA to take your home for ordinary to Extraordinary! And build value to your home with our line of products. We want to make products that will have others talk highly about your home and make your home stand out.

What is your business history?

We been to the metal industry for 30 years. We first started in a small garage with a drill press and saw and a few other tools. Over the year we slowly built our tooling up and now we have a welders, plasma cutters, and wide range of metal work tooling.

Any tips about your industry for our users?

We produce high quality metal products that last for decades not a few years watch for company that make low poor quality products and try to sell them that they high quality. You might pay a little more but when making any investment the quality of the product it has to be top notch.

What are your long term goals?

To bring back High quality metal works made in the USA and provide our customers with products that they would be proud to have. And bring more jobs to Americans and help bring back a thriving economy to help bring back a work force that can provide for there families.

What is your most popular product / service?

We have a few products we have are popular. Sign Brackets to business and hotels, shopping centers, malls, resorts. Corner Accents to interior design, decorators, Architectures. Crown Accents to interior designers, decorators, Architects, luxury home builders.

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