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How do you open a wine bottle
6/2/2013 9:54:00 AM
How do you open a wine bottleByThread Owner
How do you open a wine bottle that has a cork, please excuse my question , but could someone give me a crash course on this simple exercise, do all wine bottle need a corkscrew.

Confused Female ;)
7/8/2013 8:39:00 AM
How do you open a wine bottleBySherry
Some wine bottles have a twist off cap, others you will need a corkscrew that you can buy just about anywhere, grocery stores, wine shops, you just twist the metal part of the corkscrew into the wine cork, then push down on the handle until the cork comes out!
12/14/2013 4:50:00 AM
How do you open a wine bottleByMichael
Yes anything good wine has a cork to it. Cheaper wine has twist tops and although they taste good they just dont have them deep aged flavors people look for in a great wine. You have to buy a cork screw and you dont need the 70 dollar one you can go to a store and pick up a cheap one. you take the screw part and twist it into the cork in the bottle, and flip the top of the corkscrew down to the top of the bottle. Make sure when you pull up on the cork your fingers are supporting the lip of the bottle because some hold it down in the middle of the bottle and they chip the mouth of the bottle. Buy opening a wine bottle in front of your wire/date/business party you can show you have class. Always have a towel over your arm or close buy just in case the wine drips we dont want this to drip on your guest.
3/9/2014 6:23:00 PM
How do you open a wine bottleByChantelle Joubert-Dreyer
You get screw cap wine bottles as well as cork screw bottles. To open a cork screw bottle you would need a wine bottle opener .. it normal has an iron spiral that gets turned into the top of the cork and is screwed in until it is well turned into the cork. You would then need some power in your pull to pull it out, some wine openers open easier than others. Sometimes you dont have an opener so then you would maybe have to push the cork into the bottle as opposed to pulling it out ;)
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