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How long do you have to cash a check?
5/19/2013 8:37:00 PM
How long do you have to cash a check?ByThread Owner
How long do you have to cash a check? I found the check in my drawer and there is an expiration date on the check is two months back, does this mean I cannot get the money and will I be able to go to the bank or should I tear it up?

Also would it be advisable to approach the person who wrote out the check to get another one.

5/21/2013 11:33:00 PM
How long do you have to cash a check?BySteve
Typically 60 to 90 days. Most banks require this and usually your check if its a pay check will say must be cashed within 90 days or some other wording. If your check dont yo can call the bank and ask them what their policy is. Most banks have a policy on this and is easily answered with a phone call.
6/15/2013 5:59:00 PM
How long do you have to cash a check?ByBeadDweeb
In the U.S., checks issued by government and corporate entities usually have a message on them, such as cash within 180 days of date of issue. If its a personal check, generally 6 months from date of issue, though it would be best to call the bank (bank name will be on the check) to find out what their policy is for cashing stale dated checks. If the bank wont honor the check, go back to the issuer of the check (corporate or personal) and ask them if they would be willing to issue a new check for the same amount.
2/26/2014 2:46:00 AM
How long do you have to cash a check?Byphilip
usually payroll checks are good for 180 days some can be 90 days .. as fast as personal checks i think it might be 60 days from the day its issues ..Please dont quote me on that however just rough estimates here .. hope that helps
5/2/2014 11:05:00 AM
How long do you have to cash a check?ByJacqui
I dont think there is any chance a bank will cash a check once the expiration date has past. Depending on who the person is maybe it would be best to approach them for another one. They will know the check was never cashed if you are holding it in your hand.
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